Don't Tell the Landlord

I had a guest this weekend. Michelle’s dog, Snoopy stayed over here while Michelle and her mom are having a weekend ‘vacation’ of sorts here in the Fox Valley…

Last night, I went out to dinner with Joe and April at the Gardenview in Oshkosh. They commented on how none of the other diners were under age 55, and that is certainly true when you visit the Gardenview. But the fish was decent.

After that, I went with them over to Scott and Tracy’s house (friends of theirs) and did a little troubleshooting on Scott’s new router/network. It was hard to do because he’s working with some really old hardware (and software). I don’t really remember how/why Windows 98 works at all… So I gave them an upgrade CD for Windows 2000, at least.

We had to come back to my house to meet Michelle, Mom, and the dog, and then Lorch came over, too. We hung around the house, threw the longest game of darts ever, and played Michelle’s “Table Topics” game. I guess it’s really not so much a game as it is a… what does Amazon call it here? Eh, it’s a set of cards with interesting questions on them, I guess. We had some fun talking about those things. And making fun of some of the questions.

Writing all these sentence fragments is OK, too.

I just got the email that said Milwaukee beat San Fran again, by scoring double-digit runs, again. I am really hoping that Geoff Jenkins has provided some schmuck of another team’s GM with enough of a glimmer of hope that they’d be willing to trade for him this off-season. God, I hope the Crew gets ANYTHING for that guy. It’s sad, but seriously– I’ve had a hard time believing they stuck with him this long.

I don’t remember if I mentioned this earlier in the week or not, but I set up a Linux box for Michelle to use until she can afford to get a new computer in the spring. I dressed it up to look like Mac OS so she would feel right at home. I liked it well enough that I did the same thing on mine.

I also watched Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back this evening– the original cuts, ripped from the laserdiscs. Snoopy enjoyed them as well and has decided to be Yoda for Halloween. I think the picture helped. I might end up getting those damn re-release DVDs, though, if they’ve cleaned up the negative, etc. I would definitely wait for them to go on ‘used’ sale at Hollywood or something.

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