Do Not Be Alarmed and Please Hold Your Seats

Joe (the Mundschau Joe) helped me out with a tikiwiki programming thing earlier today that will allow me to “merge” the earlier incarnations of my blog into the current blog, making the post-counter 100% accurate, and the blog 100% searchable, en masse.

I don’t know how this sudden influx of entries will/has appeared to those of you in RSS land, but if it was weird, I apologize.

Some of the interesting things you find when you’re looking through a lot of old blogs:
– Found the reference point where I must have decided to register soloshootsfirst (the title was “Interest and Factual Events”)
– I used to be funnier. Seriously. I need to watch less TV, read more, work less, sit around and think more often. I’m a loser.

That’s the biggest thing I have for you right now… I’ve stayed at work pretty late working on that bloggish project. Should probably get home soon so I can eat and get ready for LOST.

Goddammit. I hate TV.

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