Al Miller's Heart is a Lump of Butter

Damn, I ate a lot of cookies last night.

Michelle and I made two batches of cookies on Sunday night—some peanut butter, and some oatmeal raisin. They are GOOD. But, then I run into the problem where I have all sorts of cookies all over the house. I have a really hard time keeping myself from eating certain foods that I really really enjoy, and peanut butter cookies happen to be one of those things. I end up just wolfin ’em down until they’re gone or I feel guilty or (wait for it, Lorch…) I puke.

I think I’ll bring the rest of them into work.

But we had a good time making those cookies. She laughed at me when I scraped out all the peanut butter jars in the cabinet before digging in to the new jar. She says it wasn’t so much laughing at the scraping and not wasting any peanut butter, but more that I had 5 jars camped out in the cabinet just waiting for the one occasion when I would make peanut butter cookies. This becomes funnier when you realize that I’ve never once made peanut butter cookies at my house before.

We had a really nice weekend, I’d say. On Saturday, Kevin & Amanda’s new daughter, Harper, was baptized. I’m her godfather. It was a really cool honor to be asked. More evidence of the being a grown-up and whatnot, I suppose. Also, allows me to do stuff like this:


OK, that’s probably enough of that. I should do some work.

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