I have a couple things I can be doing that are workie-ish, but then what the hell am I going to do this afternoon?

I feel even better today than I did yesterday, so that’s good news. I was a little worried on Sunday/Monday when I was feeling pretty crappy after a couple days off work for sickness the week before… turns out the allergic reaction to kitties set me back a couple days, but my immune system still seems to be in its prime.

Michelle, my sister Jen, and Mom & Dad will probably be interested to know that I made an actual appointment to go to the doctor next week Tuesday, just for the general checking up/physical examination, etc. I said to the woman when I called to schedule an appointment, “I don’t remember if I’ve been to a doctor this century,” and I really don’t. So seeing as I’ve paid for insurance for a year and really only used it to get a tetanus shot, it’s probably time to take some action. I’m working on getting my teeth cleaned, too.

Today is my last day of “work” for the week. I do have to go to Waukesha County Technical College tomorrow for a work-training seminar, but it sounds like that is just going to be a day-long lecture, so I can totally deal with that. I might even take my PDA w/ the foldie keyboard and try to take notes that way… y’know, just to look like “one of those people.”

Speaking of gadgets, I think I know what sort of phone I’ll shop for next month when my contract is up—LG just debuted a new music player phone thru Verizon that is very, very similar to the Motorola ‘KRZR,’ but cheaper, lighter, and (let’s be honest about shitty Motorola phones) probably better. I haven’t seen any reviews for this VX8600 yet, but I’ve got a few weeks before my ‘new every 2’ discount kicks in anyway…

But other than that, it is the opening of deer season this weekend, and this year I managed to take off work the two days that sandwich the weekend. So, I’ll be driving up north from Waukesha on Friday morning, and then I get to stay in ER until Monday PM. Jen and Christy are coming up, too (in addition to the hunting party of me, Dad, Joe, Uncle Mark, Christopher, and Uncle Jim) because we decided to ‘have Thanksgiving’ a weekend early. Jen has to work the day after next week, so it’ll be deer & turkey, all on the same day.

I bought a new jacket for the deer hunt this year, and I hope to hell it lasts a long time, cuz I feel like I paid kind of a lot for it. I think it might be the exact same jacket that Dad bought last year. I’m not sure, though…

Uh, total gear-shift here, but I thought this was kind of cool:
This does afford me the opportunity to say that Lifehacker might be my new favorite website. I don’t remember exactly how I stumbled onto it, but I think it was in the context of a Firefox extension search… Anyway, I’m subscribed to the ‘partial-content’ (ad-free) feed, and every day there are at least 3-5 posts that are all interesting to read. Some of them are stupid, or link to something that’s bullshit, but if you’re like me, you are interested enough to click them and give a look, at least. The last 4 things that I found on the Internet that are actually cool all came through links on that site… So, if you’ve got the time, give it a look.

Sweet—time for lunch, and still plenty of work left to do when I get back…

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