A Full Day In Just About Four Hours

I was in Waukesha today for some work-related “training,” and the session that was purported to go from 9am until at least 4pm got out around 2. That gave me ample time to mosey to the Verizon store to try to look at the new phone that I think I want, (which they didn’t have), head to Farm & Fleet to buy bullets (which I probably paid too much for), and then finally here to Nice Ash (where the Internet is free).

I wish I could have 9-2 days with an hour lunch every day…

Let me share a couple observations that I made during the day, though, which I think the world at large would benefit from.

The Christmas Season
I absolutely, positively refuse to give in “beginning the X-Mas? season” any farking earlier. It starts early enough as it is. It is “Christmastime” beginning the day after Thanksgiving, no matter what your local mall would try to have you believe. Michelle’s alarm went off this morning, and the goddamn “Mix” here in MKE is already on their “all-Christmas, all-the-time” program. But me, I will not willingly put up a tree, string a light, or listen to a carol before the day after Thanksgiving. Then we can talk.

Top Five Things To Never Do (as motivated by an encounter on the campus of WCTC today)
5. Answer your cell phone from the toilet
4. Talk on your cell phone in a public restroom
3. Return a voicemail from the toilet
2. Pick up the goddamn phone FROM THE TOILET
1. Make an outgoing call FROM THE TOILET

Finally, as I finished my lunch today and made my list of things to do after the training dismissed, “look at the Internet less” was on it. Then later Clark Howard was talking about the signs of Internet addiction on the radio, and I took that as a sign from God. Hence, I will catch you later on…

Good luck if you’ll be out there this weekend, otherwise I probably won’t be back until Tuesday (but Schneider probably will with his football predicitions).

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