Monday #2: Production Delays


I didn’t have enough time this afternoon to encode the video of me putting up the tree before I left. I wanted to come down to MKE to see Michelle, since I was up north for the weekend. I also needed to bring her phone charger back (which was left at my house on Friday), because odds were she wouldn’t make it to the end of the week without it.

So watch for that video tomorrow, but in the meantime, I could get back to you about the hunt, the Thanksgiving, and whatnot.

We had a nice Turkey Day, visiting Michelle’s Grandma early in the day, and then heading over to Grandma Markowski’s for dinner. Grandma had a full house, and Michelle’s mom came over with us, too. When we see you over the holiday, you may feel free to ask me and/or Michelle about all of the near-or-actual-burning incidents that we’ve been involved in (this holiday included). It seems that we will either have a really good chance of dying together in a fire, or the universe is trying to mess with us and there’s no way it’ll go down that way.

Sorry, that’s a little morbid.

Sandwiched around the Thanksgiving was the deer hunt. We had a successful hunt insofar as everyone that we went into the woods with came back out. But that was the end of the success. I really think that the global warming is beginning to noticeably affect the seasons. This, in turn, is affecting the way to go about deer hunting in mid-November.

I think if, at this point, you think global warming/climate change is bullshit, you really need to get your head out of your ass. And that’s as nice as I’ll be about that comment.

Coming up this week, I have to make it through another uneventful work week before Michelle comes up to Oshkosh for the holiday decorating. I have come to make it a personal “tradition” to get done with all of that on the first weekend of December. Michelle is anxious to watch White Christmas, so that’s coming up, too.

I’ve started to get a number of RSVPs for the New Year party– thanks for those. I’m really looking forward to it once again… Have a good start to your season, and try not to go too nuts at the mall.

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