Suggestions, Anyone?

I have such a long list of things that I should do, but don’t necessarily *have* to do, and I find my mind so often preoccupied with the volume of items on that list, none of them really get knocked off.

I assume this is a problem that a lot of people have (?).

Just for a couple trivial examples: I have loads and loads of music on my server that people have given to me that I’ve never listened to. I have a mess of DVDs that I’ve never watched. I have a mitful of ideas for stories that I’ve never started.

If you care to comment (which you would have to log in to do), I’m curious to hear feedback about how you either:
A) deal with a similar reality in your own life, or
B) have devised a plan of attack for this list.

SIGH. At least I have VNC so I can clean up some files on my laptop at home from work.

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