Over 8700 Images?

I’m loading up F-Spot for the first time in my Linux system (it’s sort of an open-source Adobe PhotoAlbum?, or maybe Picasa, I guess) and I told it to just index the “My Pictures” directory on my server. I didn’t think there would be that many pictures. Of course, these are not just pictures I’ve taken, but all the pictures I’ve collected over time, too.

Still, it’s a lot.

Had a nice weekend, for those that were wondering. Jen and Joe and Michelle & I and Christy over for dinner and holiday libations. We ate, drank, and played dominoes. Later Jen and I sang loudly and Michelle got stuck to the floor. Photos to come.

Work could not possibly have been more boring today. I sat at the desk in a haze. I have to come up with some other things to get done while I’m there or it’s going to be a long January.

Meanwhile, speaking of Linux, I was thinking, “hey, let’s put up or shut up about this Free software crap,” so since I’ve had a lot of success so far with Ubuntu on my desktop, I’m gonna give it a go ’round on my lappy and see if it can *really* be an every-day replacement for me. I think it could. I find that it’s hard for me to think of every little thing until I sit down and try to run something tho, y’know? I have a list of essential tasks that Ubuntu will have to keep up with if this transition is going to “take”:

– obviously, wireless has to work, and it has to work pretty much flawlessly– that is, no extra effort when I go from place to place, and no extra steps when moving from a wired to wireless connection
– Internet, Email, and office-goodies can’t miss a beat (I’m already certain this will be no prob)
– full compatibility with a variety of little devices: camera, phone, webcam, ext HDD, PDA, and USB drives
– stinkpad ‘Fn’ keys and features have to work. I will settle for the biometrics not making it, but only because that thing is so finnicky as it is.
– graphics driver better play nice with everything

Ho-hum, nuff boredom for today. If you’re in Vegas and on any sort of ‘vacation’ during this holiday season, give a ring…

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