Two Thousand Seven

Had a busy close to the last year, so I’m sorry if you were looking for something deep or insightful as we wrapped up ’06. Here’s a little recap:

– Took a ride down to MKE and went out to dinner w/ Michelle and her cousins on 12/28. We had a good time. They’re fun peeps. I think next time we should do something somewhere a little quieter; it was hard to talk at Nice Ash on Thursday.

– Slept in a little on Friday morning and didn’t get back to Oshkosh until about 11. Had errands to run around town, and started the arduous process of cleaning up for the party on Sunday. Cleaned the garage, which was kind of neat. Dave Slotten came over late, though, and we played Street Fighter and watched Get Shorty.

– Saturday I had a lot of cleaning to finish. I was up pretty late w/ Dave, though, and I slept until about noon. The place looked really good by the time I finished. Jen & Joe and Michelle all were over by the evening, and we played dominoes. I think Joe won. I definitely lost.

– Sunday was the New Year/birthday party. Thanks to all who attended; it was a good time. Met Wordy’s GF, Jessica (finally). Michelle got me a karaoke machine for my birthday. I’ll have to start looking for more CDs. We karaok’d during the party and Jen was particularly vocal about what she wanted to sing. Petters did ‘Billie Jean.’ Wordy even sang.

– Monday we got up in time to go to “breakfast” at around 1. We went to ‘American Table’ on Main Street. Most of us were not impressed with the meal. Jen & Joe and Nick & Emily had to head out shortly after, but Wordy & Jessica stayed for the day, so that we could hang out w/ the Brown-Lorches? and Knitts in the evening. There was cake. And lots of leftovers. Michelle and I stayed up late talking. I wish I had off today.

(For those of you keeping score on my 2007 holiday vacation schedule, I’ll be off work from 12/22 through 1/2.)

Thanks to everybody who made it a fun holiday season. I had a good time, and it was nice to see everybody. Hope we can do it again, sooner than later…

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