Nintendo Thumb?

I didn’t play a ton of video games over the holidays, but for some reason, I’ve gots the Nintendo thumb– y’know, when your thumb gets all calloused and yucky from emphatically holding down that direction pad? You can see a picture of it here, although it pretty much just looks like a normal thumb, so…

Michelle is coming up this evening for Joey Knitt’s Birthday Gala & Karaoke Festival, but she has to head back to MKE right away in the morning to judge a cheerleading competition at around 9AM. I was thinking that since a lot of the “cleaning” I might need to do around the house is in good order, and the holiday wackiness is over, I might get a chance to do some (GASP!) writing on Saturday, but when I sat down to make a list, it got kind of long pretty fast.

I really need to quit sleeping away the weekends. That’s got to be one of the most detrimental things to my productivity. I end up having maybe 5 or 6 good hours each day where things are getting accomplished, where I should be shooting for 10 or 12. Since Michelle has to leave so early in the morning tomorrow, I might as well get up too, get started earlier.

Other than that… –OH!

Check it– one of my ‘tasks’ for the weekend will be to strike the karaoke machine that Michelle got me for my birthday… It seems like such a shame to put it back in the box until the next party. Wondering if anybody has a brilliant idea or two for what to do with a karaoke machine until you really need to croon..?

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