More Like HD-DV-SWEET!

Just sat down to watch The Black Dahlia, so I can get it back in the mail to the Netflixarians tomorrow. The disc opened with a 4-minute commerical for HD DVD and what makes it some monkey-spunkin’ terrific.

… It was awesome, because now I know for certain that there’s no goddamn way I need to get an HD DVD or BluRay? player any time soon. I will not be sucked into this ridiculous format war until one or the other has fallen, and even then, it’s going to take some convincing to get me to pony up and re-do any collecting of movies.

Moving from VHS to DVD was, comparatively, a no-brainer. We were going from a lossy, analog format to a long-lasting, durable, digital medium. Why should I move from one digital format to another, when what I have should, theoretically, last for years, if not decades, with no perceivable degradation due to repeat viewing?

Mr. Toshiba, Mr. Sony, Uncle Walt: you can all suck it, and stick your next-gen DVDs in the most uncomfortable place imaginable.

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