Face For Radio

I’m home on lunch eating pretzels with peanut butter and half-watching “Living Wild” on Nat’l Geographic while I make a list of stuff I should do later tonight.

Avery Brooks is doing the voice work on this particular episode, I was thinking about how one gets a voice-over job.

I watch a shitload of Nat’l Geo, and a few different shows all tend to have the same person voicing each episode, but there are others, maybe a “special” this or that, where they’ll have X or Y celebrity/better known person narrating.

I suppose that unless the producers are specifically looking for a particular celeb’s voice, they must have open auditions, like any other part, right? Maybe? I dunno, you’d have to ask somebody who works in the business, I guess.

Meanwhile, if you have any Financial Aid related problems, apparently I am your HNIC— I’ve been puttin’ out fires all day…

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