Ticked Its Last

I watched this week’s 24 a day late. Hard to say whether or not my opinion was swayed by a coversation with Kevin earlier in the evening, but here’s my current assessment of the season, after 7 MIND-BLOWING-NUMBING HOURS!!!

– Jack Bauer is immortal
– In the fictional world of 24, presidential terms only last a year or two; whatever’s convenient…
– intensely dramatic events ALWAYS occur at 60-minute intervals
– CTU headquarters is actually a mobile facility that follows no further than 10 minutes behind Jack
– If they dropped a nuke on CTU headquarters, there would not be one dead character I give a crap about

With these things in mind, I feel it prudent to retire from viewing this show. On top of everything else, I’ve noticed that this year’s script clumsily whacks the viewer on the melon over and over with a “this-is-the-worst-case-scenario-of-an-evolving-War-On-Terror-with-a-hawktastic-administration-in-power” stick.

It’s been fun, Jack, but it’s time to move on.

Seems like even good TV can last about 4 (*maybe* 5) years tops before they run out of ideas.

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