A Post-Script of General Notes

Realized that I had a variety of “briefs” after making my initial post…

1. This Anna Nicole Smith thing is going to be an interesting movie on HBO or something in a few years. Who do you think they’ll cast for the title role?

2. I didn’t even think about how I didn’t think about missing ’24’ this week until I scanned through the titles of my last few posts. Yeah, not gonna miss that show at all.

3. I got an LCD monitor for my desktop that might just make the desktop PC my favorite computer again…

4. Four Best Picture nominees down, 1 to go. I still think The Departed is your front-runner.

5. Shoveling blows.

6. Pitchers and catchers report to camp in 3 days.

7. Still haven’t started that “get up early more often” thing yet.

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