Report on the Basketballs and Whatnot

My basketball team had its regular-season-doubleheader-finale last night– we were supposed to have this 2-fer evening early in February, but a snow day @ Fond du Lac pushed it back to the “make-up week.”

Last week Monday, we got killed by the best team in our division, by something like 25 points. I mean, we were annihilated. We turned the ball over a LOT, and they must’ve scored 15-18 points on transition turnovers. It was pretty sad. By the last 5 minutes we were just chucking up 3s to try to get back in the game.

With that performance in mind, I fully expected to have a rough go of it playing two games in one night. But it was actually probably our best week of the season. We beat the “kids” in our first game (this team of all 19- and 20-yr-olds, a lot of them former students of my teacher peeps on the team), putting our season record against them at 1-2.

In our second game, we played that best team again, and it was a really close, hard-fought match all the way through. The difference, once again, was a couple stupid turnovers down the stretch in the first half that let them turn a 3-point deficit into a 3-point lead. They ended up winning by 3. We had a chance to take a 1-point lead with about 20 seconds to go, but the shot rimmed out. We missed a 3 at the buzzer that would’ve sent us to OT.

So it was a pretty good last night of hoops– come to find out it wasn’t actually the last night. Apparently, all 5 teams qualify for the “playoffs,” so we have play the kids again next week, and if we win that, we play the #1 team again the following week. There is at least one, and at most three weeks to go.

In my review of how that season went, I guess I wish our team would’ve had more time to sort of “get to know each other,” and play together more often. I think we could’ve been more successful if that were the case. I also feel I could’ve shook some more rust off my game personally if we practiced, or something.

I don’t really anticipate playing in an organized league for any sport again, but it was definitely interesting to try it as an adult and just see what that’s like (it’s like high school, but just hurts more).

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