Well Liked

I am apparently quite well-regarded at UW Oshkosh. I have had multiple gifts, drinks, and dinner purchased for me since I announced that I was leaving to take a new job in Milwaukee. I have had people who I was not aware knew my name stop me in the hall of Dempsey to congratulate me on my new position. It’s a little strange. But I’ll take it.

It may sound dumb, or like I’m making it up or something, but I’ve always marveled at the fact that other people would ever think or talk about me when I’m not there. I know it’s a completely counter-intuitive thing, if you really think about it, because hell– what do YOU do when people aren’t around? You talk about them. But for some reason the concept of someone noticing that I’m alive without me making it abundantly clear right in their face has never stopped blowing my mind.

I guess it’s good to be appreciated. I just hope I can do a good job at the new place and continue to make people say good things about me (for the most part).

Two days to go… I really need to figure out the bus schedule before Monday. Yikes.

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