Had a couple weird dreams over the past couple days. On Sunday night, before starting my new job at UWM, I had one where I showed up for work, and the office was actually the lobby at the M&I Bank in Eagle River. My “office” was a teller window. I had no chair. I said to myself, “Shit– I think I took a step backwards to get into this position…”

Then last night (Monday), I had a dream that started out, quite literally, as an X-File– David Duchovny and everything. Apparently, there was a group of brain-eating zombies hiding in plain sight that were “at war” with a rival group of alien rebels. The rebels were actively seeking human allies to destroy the zombie forces on Earth. Because, obviously, if the zombies took over this planet, then that would be like, 6 billion more zombies.

So they hooked us Earthlings up with some sort of sonic device that made zombie heads explode and set about planning a major de-zombification event (because the brain-eaters had already infiltrated our society, and some of our closest friends and companions were actually already zombies).

The leader of the human ally resistance force? None other than my younger sister, Christy. In my dream, she had become quite adept at shooting a rifle. Apparently, in addition to the alien-magic-sonic-zombie-exploder, it was possible to down one through a good ol’ fashioned bullet to the head.

It was a strange dream.

And so, on with Tuesday!

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