40 Damn Dollars

I know I’m not the first person to see this threshold go by, but I just gassed up my ride and spent $40.90 doing it.

Holy balls.

I did at least have a restful night’s sleep yesterday. I woke up this morning feeling a lot less tired than I have been all week. I have a list of things to get done around here today, so not tons of time to write. Yesterday I got a haircut, I watched a movie that I had much higher expectations of (for whatever reason), and I packed up a box of stuff that I’ll be taking in to work tomorrow morning.

If you try to call me, sorry that you won’t be able to get through– I forgot my phone charger @ Jen & Joe’s yesterday, so I have to call people over the internets if I wanna talk to them.

I’ve got a list of things I should be able to do while sitting down, so I’m gonna go watch another of last year’s Oscar nominees.

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