Couldn't Resist

I was going to put off reading the last Harry Potter book until Jen finished so I could borrow her copy. But, she was up north over the weekend, and I had 4 hours in the evening on Sunday where the book would have just stared me in the face, so I relented and picked it up. Got through the first 12 chapters, and I plan to pick up my own copy later today, because I know Jen will want to read it right away, too.

It’s uncanny how popular these books are. I saw four people reading it on the bus this morning.

One thing I’ve noticed about the relation between the books and films in this series is that both can stand and be enjoyed on their own merits. Personally, I find the books to be quite a bit more satisfying, but the movies are good for a digested, special effects romp through Harry’s world.

One thing’s for certain– J.K. Rowling is doing OK regardless of what I think.

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