A Little Revelation

I was thumbing through emails this morning as I started my Thursday, and I had yet another message about PantherFest. I won’t be attending this event, but it made me think about how the festival season completely blew by me this year.

I was living in Milwaukee all summer, and this is the first time I can remember since I’ve been in college that I didn’t go to a single ethnic festival all summer long. Michelle and I had a couple hours at the State Fair, but that was it. I even missed Summerfest and fireworks on the 3rd of July by the lake.

Next year I’ll probably be more settled in and whatnot, so I imagine things will be different.

Here’s another little revelation, though– I’ve never lived in Milwaukee over the winter. I don’t think it’ll be any different than what I’m used to in other parts of the state. I guess the commute could suck more, with things like trudging through the snow on my way to the bus stop, etc.


Only 110 days until Christmas.

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