Weekends? Goood.

Had a nice weekend with Michelle. On Friday evening, we went to the Petit to go skating for a while. Michelle had to borrow skates, because she had forgotten hers. I realized that, after 5 years or so, I should really get mine sharpened. Granted, I only put them on 3 or 4 times a season (at most), but they’re really worn down at this point. It’s fun to skate over there, but it’s a little expensive to do really often (7 bucks apiece!). The ice at Red Arrow Park will probably be ready soon, and that’s free.

On Saturday, Michelle worked in the morning, and I did some cleaning and general loafing around the house. It was 11:30 or so before I even really looked outside, and by then, the snow had started. Michelle had planned on driving up to Oshkosh to get her hair cut, but that plan was quickly nixed. We were also going to look for a Christmas tree, but I thought it best to stay in from the weather. Good news is that, as a result, my house is presentable enough to have people over for the holiday season.

Saturday night, we did go out to a birthday party over on lake drive. We were invited to this shindig hosted by a friend of a friend who we’ve only met a few times. Semi-formal attire was specifically requested on the invitation, which made Michelle really excited about it, and made me uncertain of what to expect. Once we got there (we rolled in around 10, I think), we met a bunch of people and had a really good time. I told Michelle to be sure to invite John (the birthday guy) to New Year’s, too.

Got in really late on Saturday night, so Sunday got off to a late start. By the time we were ready to head out and “do stuff,” it was too late to be thinking of a Christmas tree hunt. We DEFINITELY need to take care of it by next weekend. We did have a nice meal, though (a roasted salmon fillet with wild rice and carrots). We were too stuffed and tired to make cookies after that, so we watched Knocked Up. We both enjoyed it quite a bit; it’s got something for everybody (dick/fart jokes, partial nudity, AND “hooking up”).

Important things to accomplish this week:
– Writing
– Christmas tree
– start Christmas shopping

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