Obam-ish Campaigning

Caught this little story this morning about Obama and the fam on the campaign trail.

Hillary’s lead has been slowly eroding in Iowa, and right now they’re pretty much in a dead heat.

The reason I’m more fired up about Obama than I’ve ever been about a presidential candidate in the past is that he seems to legitimately be interested in changing the partisan status quo in Washington and just thinking outside the political box for the first time in 50-some years. Not that NO ONE else has done that, but I don’t know of anybody affiliated with a party that can win who has…

As this race continues, I’m going to be really curious about the climate between Obama and the Republicans in Congress. My two leading problems with Hillary are: (1) old-school Democratic stooge that’s been in Washington too long already, and (2) Republicans hate her fracking guts.

No matter who has the majority in Congress, I think it’s very very VERY important for the next president to be someone that can reach across the aisle and make some progress. There are a LOT of hard feelings from the past 7 years, and it seems like our government is more polarized than ever. We need some healing, yo.

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