Good, Bad, or Indifferent?

I don’t get a lot of visitors to my site.  That doesn’t really bother me at all.  I’m just trying to entertain, enlighten, or inform those precious few, and also myself.

That being said, while this WordPress site is “in development,” I have a feature turned on that keeps Google’s prying eyes away from this webspace, and the site stays “off the grid” to a certain extent.  I’m considering whether or not I should keep that feature enabled once I formally go live with it.  I don’t have much of a rationale for this consideration.  What could I possibly say or do here that would suddenly overrun my server with traffic?  At the same time, who needs to find me via a Google search?  If you’re reading this blog, odds are over 99.9% that we have met and maintain contact face-to-face.

Any thoughts on this topic?

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