More or Less Like Butter

You probably didn’t notice unless you’ve registered (and you haven’t), but I upgraded the WordPress again today. Version 2.5 debuted over the weekend, and after taking a little time to figure out how, and consulting Mundschau on it, I finished everything up for upgrading this evening.

  1. Per Joe’s advice, I shut down the MySQL server, then copied the entire contents of the data folder for the site to my workstation.  Did the same with my WordPress base install.
  2. I seem to have an easier time un-zipping the new versions and then pushing them over to the server than doing a download straight TO the server.  So I went that route again.  Followed the instructions on very carefully, and everything seemed to go off without a hitch.
  3. My theme was broken when I first finished the upgrade.  I had to re-install it, but all the custom setups I had rokkin stuck around after the re-install.
  4. I had customized the login script so that you don’t have a to wait for an email with your initial password.  But that was messed up out of the box, too, so I’ll have to do that again.
  5. Tried to use the new “one-click-plugin-upgrade” feature that’s built in to this newest version of WordPress.  But that didn’t play very nice, either, cuz the script asked for my FTP credentials to the server– but Bocko don’t roll w/ no FTP, yo (SSH only up in this mofo).
  6. Speaking of which, the picture galleries are a little screwy right this moment, too (i.e., not present), but I know all the files are still there, so I’m sure it’ll just be a matter of updating the plugin.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with the ease of this upgrading operation.  Another piece of advice that Joe gave me that I’ll be trying my best to follow– learning how to backup my database with ‘mysqldump’ before it’s time for the next upgrade.

Also– update on my ISP problems: cable guy was here today, and without going into too much useless detail, seems like my speed problems are fixed.  Wordy was able to see the photos today at a reasonable speed, and isn’t that why we’re all here, anyway?  To make sure that Wordy’s time on the web is well-spent?  But yeah, I guess I’ll just keep an eye on it and hope for the best…

Off to fix my photo galleries!

One thought on “More or Less Like Butter”

  1. Galleries very easily fixed with update to the NextGEN plugin. The customized login is something I’ll have to dick around with a little, though, so until I get that cleared up, sorry– you will need to get an email with a password in order to register.

    But it’s not like you have to be registered to comment. If you wanted to keep TRACK of your comments– that’s something you’d need to register for.

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