Home Opener Recap

It was a nice opening day overall.  Aside from the fact that we beat their ass, it was a good pre- and post-game outing.  If you didn’t have a chance to keep up throughout Friday, the pictures that I sent to Flickr periodically are, of course, still there.

Was there ever a mob of people, though!  I didn’t check– was it a bigger crowd than last year?  I assume so, just due to the media talking about it being the 3rd largest crowd ever at Miller Park, etc.  That was the one thing I could do without, and I might even think about handling the opener a little differently next year– there are SOOOOO many people at that park on the first day, and ones that won’t show up to another baseball game all year.  They’re there for the party only, and sure, that’s totally fine, but for someone like me who goes because I enjoy the game first and foremost, it gets a little bit nuts.

I stood in line to pee during the pre-game tailgate for something like 20 minutes.  There were plenty of folks there that weren’t willing to wait that long (they just peed next to their cars).  I think my last Flickr shot sort of says it all about the condition of the parking lot afterwards– it was like being in a paved garbage dump.  I really felt sorry for the folks that had to come in there and clean that place up in time for an afternoon game today.

So, I dunno, y’know?  Like I said, I understand that the home opener is always going to be a big party, but maybe for me, who is going to go to 15 or 20 games during the year regardless, what’s the diff if I’m at the first one?  I’ll probably change my mind by this time next year, but this is certainly the first time I’ve ever considered it.

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