Some Notes for Thursday

Couple random items from around the web for you this morning:

First, a short Obama ad about a summertime reprieve from the gas tax, with a good point:

Second, I do enjoy lists. New Scientist offers a list of the Top Ten Fictional Scientists in popular culture.

Finally, it’s exciting that Kyle and Robin will be headed to Thailand next month to pick up Thanu, but I’m a little conflicted on their plans for conditioning him to accept the reality of the coming robot menace. I guess it will be up to MY children to lead the resistance.
Thanu's robot overlords
And a PS, not from the webs, but from the real world– today is Grandma’s birthday. She is 77!

One thought on “Some Notes for Thursday”

  1. Just to be clear, these robot pictures are part of an early campaign to make sure our son is aware of the history and background of his robot enemies. You will notice that these robot are of the more “primitive” sort. Perhaps if Thanu is familiar with the history and culture of robots, he’ll be in a better position to undermine the robots of the future.

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