More This American Life Props

It feels like it was just the other day that I was here talking about a great episode of This American Life.  Gotta say that I really enjoyed the show from this past weekend, too.  They talked about the roots of the credit crisis, and for a financial novice like myself, I found the show to accessible and informative.  I came away with a much more thorough understanding of the events that led us to our current economic state of affairs.

One additional question that I had afterwards was, “What were the comparable specifics that led to the economic downturns of the 1930s and the 1970s?”  I’m sure I learned these things in history classes (10-15 years ago) but I don’t really recall.  It’s baffling to realize that even though we, as a species, recognize that mistakes in history tends to repeat themselves, mistakes keep happening, and the cycle goes round and round.

Give a listen to episode #355, “The Giant Pool of Money,” if you get a chance.

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