Got My Magic "Dubya Bucks"

Logged in to my checking today to find a pleasant $600 surprise.  Well, it was only a mild surprise, of course, but nice to see it a little ahead of schedule anyway.  For those that might wonder what this means for YOUR rebate, be aware that I get my tax refunds by direct deposit, and the last two of my SSN are 99.

Off now to do the opposite of what the administration was hoping, and chuck this money into savings…

One thought on “Got My Magic "Dubya Bucks"”

  1. It’s funny, all the mail that they’ve sent out in relation to this “stimulus.” I think they could’ve increased everybody’s check by 5 or 10 bucks instead of the mass mailings saying, “hey, we’re gonna send you some money. It’s OK to spend it!”

    I got the 3rd (and I believe final) mailing yesterday, five days after the deposit posted to my account.

    Maybe G-dub will send us all a postcard in July, saying, “hope you’re having a great summer with that extra cash!!”

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