Just Like That, It's the Weekend Again

This was a zippy week.  Work is a complete F-show at this point.  We’ve gotten to the point in the year where processing is SOOO backed up, and people are SOOO far behind, and students are SOOOOOOO pissed about the whole thing, we have little meetings to talk about how far behind we all are and how no one should bug anybody else with anything or we’re going to have to start putting in OT.  Which would be bullshit.

Other than that, I’m just putting some finishing tweaks on my new apartment.  By popular demand, I will shoot up some photos of that sorta stuff in the ensuing week.  I ordered a wall-mount for my LCD monitor to help save space.  I’m trying to get creative with storage and using all the space as best I can.  I think I could have guests over night, but probably not more than 2.  Anyway, you’ll see what I’m talking about…

Here’s another interesting thing– Joe Knitt started himself a blog.  So if you’re interested on the latest from Brookings, SD (and I mean seriously, who isn’t???), check it out.

End of day.  That is all.  See you at the ballpark.

One thought on “Just Like That, It's the Weekend Again”

  1. Speaking of me, tell your old man that his dryer is still alive and kicking ass out here on the plains. We really do appreciate it.

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