Extraordinary Desperation

So, Ned Yost is out, and for the time being, Dale Sveum is the Brewers manager.  If you ask me, that sort of move stinks like Jim Lefebvre.  As I said to Lorch via text, it is the last act of an understandably desperate owner who realizes this is probably the best shot he’ll ever have at winning big, and he’ll do anything to get there.  I would not be surprised to see Jobu in the home locker room at Miller Park on the next homestand, complete with the sacrifice of a live chicken, if necessary.  This is THE shot, and if they can’t do it, a bunch of things (not just the manager) will change.

And I didn’t even come in here right now to comment on the team in general– I’ve just enjoyed the season so much, and it’s looked so promising most of the way.  It has felt so good, and been so much fun.  But when your team regularly falters under the late-season pressure, despite being the SAME 25 GUYS that went 20-7 a month earlier, you start to feel like kind of a fool for it, y’know?  You get comments or observations from outsiders that are wondering why you bother– what do you waste 7 or 8 months of every year on this team for when they just perpetually let you down?  I just really enjoy the game, and a season that stretches from the naturally optimistic spring through the most beautiful and relaxing 3 or 4 months of the year.  I just wish the TEAM would make it easier to justify.

Regardless, I am still holding out hope that things can work out– they haven’t been eliminated yet, and Ryan Braun said it best when he commented that it can’t possibly get any worse.  Try not to let me down this year, Brewers.  I have been there all season long– last night was the first time I turned off the game because it go so ugly.  I have screamed too loud and clapped too hard and high-fived too often to go home and hope for beter luck next time.  I really, really, really want you to pull it out.  Try to give us something to get hopeful about…

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