Worth Reiterating

I mentioned yesterday that I needed to catch up on the Internet and the blogosphere a little after my fall-startup-hiatus.

I have to credit Petters for linking to a NY Times article about Obama’s economic attitudes and policies.  It’s not the lightest article ever, but my link will point you specifically to part five, which discusses his tax proposals in detail.  There is no doubt that the wealthiest Americans are going to be paying more in taxes if Obama is elected.  However, most of us are NOT the wealthiest Americans, and in fact would enjoy a decrease in taxes with Barack in the White House (and a larger one than McCain would bring).

In my experience, it’s hard for some to get passed the idea that a Democrat automatically will “tax and spend,” as if the behavior is etched into a liberal’s DNA, like a salmon returning to its birthplace to spawn.  The article did a great job of explaining the underlying philosophies behind the Obama economic plan.

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