161 Down, 1 (or maybe 2) to Go

What a baseball week.  Today, I will attending my 5th of 6 games on this final Brewers homestand.  It’s been a helluva ride this year, and now it all comes down to today– the Crew is tied with the New York Mets for the NL wild card.  If one team wins today, and the other loses, the winner makes the playoffs.  If both win or both lose, there will be a 1-game playoff in New York tomorrow.

It’s hard to imagine things being more tense and exciting at Miller Park than they have been over the last few days.  We’ve seen Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder hit walk-off homeruns in extra inning games.  We watched Jeff Suppan and Seth McClung combine to pitch a fantastic game against the Cubs.  We cheered as loudly as we could watching Ben Sheets try to gut one out, and the team rallying from a 3-run deficit on Saturday afternoon, only to finally succumb in the 9th.

I imagine the playoffs would be better, if only because the Miller Park faithful could relax.  Everyone in the stands understands what’s going on, and what a tragic waste it would be for this team to miss the post-season.  Still, only one can make it, and no matter what, it’s been an amazing week of baseball.

See you at the park, for at least one more day.

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