Watching the 2nd presidential debate right now.  I feel sorry for Tom Brokaw– he’s trying to keep both these candidates within the time constraints they agreed to, and it’s virtually impossible.  Not that it matters much, as neither one is doing much to address the actual quesitons that are being asked (by my non-scientific count, in the first hour I’ve seen Obama give what could be considered a direct answer twice, and McCain twice once-and-a-half).

You know what I would like to see in the next presidential election cycle?  ACTUAL DEBATES.  These charades are basically just 120-minute ads with the candidates bickering and shouldering each other for the most time.  If you’ve taken the time to read up on the candidates, done some independent research, you can totally skip these things.

OK, now next question.  Next QUESTION.  NEXT QUESTION!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Stressful”

  1. I have to thank Mr. Groschopf for this tip: To make the debates more engaging, take a drink every time Sen. McCain says “My friends”. He said it three times in one response last night. By the time we hit 9pm, I was having myself quite a wonderful time.

  2. The debate was boring. If you haven’t made up your mind as to whom you want to elect at this point, I hope you don’t vote. Take a stand you pussy!

  3. I dunno, Joshie– there are still plenty of people that haven’t decided, and they’re probably the ones that will swing the election. I say if you’ve got good reasons for voting the way you will, talk to other people about them…

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