Slower Than Expected

Howdy.  I stayed home sick today, so pardon me for being brief.

Michelle and I went the Halloween shindig @ the Price house in Hartford on Saturday– it was a good time, and there is photographic evidence in the DaytoDay gallery.  We also made a “homemade” pizza on Sunday, and there are a couple pics of that, too.  It turned out really well.

But anyway, I wanted to get those photos posted about 4 hours ago, but it took me this long to:

  1. learn that some extensions for PHP hadn’t been enabled on the new server,
  2. figure out that some of the plugins here rely on the extensions in question,
  3. find out what to do to enable those extensions,
  4. figure out that the reason I couldn’t get them all enabled was because I needed to install extra packages from the Slackware install disc,
  5. backup the base ( / ) directory on the server,
  6. install the needed packages, and
  7. finally upload the pictures that I wanted.

I think I’ll take a nap for a while now.

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