On a Visit to DC

… which is the way I like to refer to “Door County.”

I’m at a resort near Egg Harbor for a conference for work this week.  It’s a very nice location; close to the lake, out in the woods, really nice accomidations (which you can take a peer at in the day-to-day gallery).

The only think that’s disappointed me so far is that they gave us a coffee maker, coffee, and no filters.  How is that even a little bit helpful?  But, it’s after 8 now, so I could take a walk to the building next door for breakfast…

I took a ride last night from here up to the end of highway 42 (where you would drive into the water if you went any further).  It was a nice little drive, but since it was dark, I couldn’t see much, and since it’s early November, there is NO ONE around DC, ANYWHERE.  At least that’s how it seemed.  Lots and lots of darkness and closedness, even as I was driving in the 6 o’clock hour.

If I get a chance to read the news or see anything else interesting during the day, you’ll be the first to know.

One thought on “On a Visit to DC”

  1. Nice place. Did you open the coffee? Usually it’s the kind in a filter bag already that you just pop into the basket. MB

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