Radiolab is finally back with new shows!!!  Fire up the link and listen to ‘Choice’ when you get a chance.  If you haven’t sampled this show in the past, I encourage you to listen to EVERYTHING that they have on their site.  I don’t remember a bad show from these guys.  Seriously.

I have turned into such a certifiable public-/talk-radio geek, sometimes I amaze even myself.  Maybe the most amazing thing, actually, is that more people aren’t turning off the radio and looking for some worthwhile content elsewhere.  I mean, I like Led Zeppelin and the Beatles as much as anybody, but I can only hear “Whole Lotta Love” and “Come Together” on the radio so many times before I want to shoot myself in the chest.

Where are you getting the new and exciting things that you listen to?

7 thoughts on “SEASON FIVE!!”

  1. I fire up Pandora ( while I’m at work. I’ve got a rock, metal, and 80’s station set up. Once it gets a feel for what you like it’s pretty consistently good.

  2. I’m a big fan of and their plethora of available channel options. My favorites are Brit Rock, Future Perfect for indie rock, and A Flock of 80s. They even have a talk channel entirely devoted to plots on killing college roommates.

  3. I hang out with a public talk radio geek an it rubs off. I’m also a huge fan of pandora…too bad they block it at work.

  4. I’ve never accuradio’ed, but I am a pandora proponent. I will have to give the former a try.

    Quasi-related to this: I have begrudgingly subscribed to the pitchforkmedia RSS feed a couple times, and it consistently flakes out on me; it’ll either fail to load one day, or it will tell me I don’t have permission the next, or sometimes it forgets to notice that I already HAVE the 100 preceding record reviews, and I get them day after day after day. Too bad, because their reviews are usually pretty good.

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