Rash Endorsement

Per Wordy’s mention in a post from a couple weeks back, I am now on accuradio for my holiday listening pleasure (I listen to Christmas music at work exclusively during the month of December).

I only loaded this mother up about 15 minutes ago, but I am in favor over the live365 that I’ve gone with in the past because it seems I can narrow down the music selection more specifically within this “holiday” genre (i.e., no En Vogue singing “Sleigh Ride” right after Mannheim Steamroller; both nice selections, but if you don’t want to mix them, you shouldn’t have to).

So, if you’re looking to give your season a soundtrack, give it a try.

One thought on “Rash Endorsement”

  1. I listen to various x-mas stations on winamp’s shoutcast…I could easily rotate between various stations if one of them got sterile….but some of them were VERY good.

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