Some Notes For Your Calendar

So this weekend, Michelle and I will be at a shindig on Saturday evening, and we are planning to go skiing on Sunday (there were some free lift tickets being offered for Cascade Mountain).  December can get booked in a big fat hurry, so here are the dates that I already have plans for:

  • 12/13: “housewarming” party in Bayview
  • 12/14: Day ski trip to Cascade Mtn
  • 12/20: Bock family Christmas at the Mundschau’s
  • 12/23: Evening trip to Madison for visit w/ D-Slo & Dre, and/or others
  • 12/25: Christmas @ Mama Mia’s house
  • 12/27: Christmas @ Grandma’s house
  • 12/28: Abe’s baptism
  • 12/30: Dinner w/ some couples (Wordy & Jessica included) at the Safe House
  • 12/31: New Year’s Eve festivities

Packed, as usual!  If I missed something, or if you’d be interested in joining any of these events, give a holler…

4 thoughts on “Some Notes For Your Calendar”

    1. I will not personally supply any goldschlager to any guest in my home. I think it might be gone, and I doubt it will be coming back. 🙂

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