Swallow It

In case anyone was curious, I thought I would offer an update on the issues I was having recently with a mandated switch to web-based mail at work.  To sum up: it means I have to give up Thunderbird as my mail client, and also choose a new RSS delivery system.  I ended up going with the Netvibes option after I discovered an easy way to import an .opml file that had feed information.

As I play around with netvibes a little more, I’m coming to realize that it really is a powerful and flexible system for aggregating syndicated web content.  I was previously using the bare minimum of options, and just checking out a few of the other possibilities helped me to think through still MORE content I could move to this page (beyond my RSS feeds).

If I discover anything exceptionally fantastical or noteworthy, I’ll probably let you know (even if you haven’t asked, because that’s what blogging is about).

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