In addition to getting back to a more regular flow at work today, I had some blog-slash-site-related bid’niss I wanted to take of– namely, figure out what was going wrong that I couldn’t access my email from work (was it a problem with my server, my connection at work, my ISP, my god, WHAT???), and also runs some tests on my various WordPress plugins, with a goal of migrating to WP 2.7 (the newest version) sooner than later.

In the course of these efforts, I discovered a few things that it turns out I was excessively concerned with a couple items:

  1. The email problem was very simple– the extension I’ve been using in Firefox to check the mail is broken.  I can just check it with something else instead.
  2. The two plugins that are holding me back from the upgrade have not updated yet.  One of them probably won’t for a while.  But I should try to remember: the site will let me know when they do (!!).
  3. I briefly threw myself into a hissy when tried to subscribe to my podcast again using Songbird.  It doesn’t really work in Songbird.  However, right after I spent the time downloading and installing iTunes on my machine at work, I was reminded that I already tested iTunes as an option in a virtual machine at home, so I could, for the love of God, CALM DOWN ABOUT THE PODCAST PLUGIN ALREADY.

Anything you’re way too wound up about today?

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