If We Don't Shop, the Terrorists Win

Nothing like counting those chickens before the eggs are even laid (to say nothing about hatching).  When I got home yesterday, I was thinking I would whip some photos from the holiday season up on the site, to augment the one I borrowed from Christy.  But I really didn’t have any shots worth posting (out of the 12 that I actually took).

I mentioned to Michelle that part of the problem is I’m really bored with my camera.  I don’t even particularly feel like taking it places or turning it on when I do remember to bring it along.  Bocko needs a new camera to reinvigorate that photographic energy.

To that end, one of things I’ve decided to spend a portion of the forthcoming tax refund on is the digital SLR I’ve been on the verge of purchasing for about 3 years now.  I’m sure Wordy will be pleased to no longer have my annual “which-camera-should-I-intend-to-but-not-actually-buy” emails.  This is the outfit I’m figuring on purchasing (whether through the linked vendor, or another).  I’m going to spend a little bit more and get a telephoto lens included, because having that versatility was one of the prime motivations I felt to get a DSLR in the first place.  Next year when I go to the ballpark, I want to take some nice shots of guys in the field…

Speaking of which, 20 Brewers tickets is one of the other things I’ve already spent that tax money on.

I guess now that I’m 30 I should try to get a better handle on this whole “saving money for more important stuff” thing.  I SWEAR I will do that right after I buy a new TV

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