Well That Day Could Have Gone a Little Better

Had an extra day off today; uni was closed for MLK Day.  I had a nice list of things I wanted to do, and I got a few done, but didn’t manage to get to enough of them.  I ended up getting caught up in things and distracted instead of focusing on the list that I’d made.

I would tell you a little more about the weekend in Minneapolis, but at this point I’m just going to head to bed.  Here’s a short list from the weekend, though:

  • Good This American Life‘s the last couple weeks that Michelle and I listened to
  • That Mall of America is HUGE.  We didn’t even walk around on the first floor, and we were there for about 5 hours.  There is a new(er) roller coaster that’s pretty sweet.
  • Karaoke at LaFonda was almost just like karaoke at the Sky Club.  Or wherever.
  • Wish we could’ve hooked up with a few other people, but we can only do what can– had a good time with those we did get to visit, and we’ll be back some time in the near future…

Sleep well!

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