A Little Do-Over

So I’m pretty sure I mentioned I got a new camera.  I started using it this past weekend, and I’m going to enjoy shooting with it (some of those photos may be available for viewing right here on this website soon)!

As I imported my images to the photo-catalogging software that I used, I realized that my system for storing pictures is a little bit antiquated; I used to keep a certain number of pictures “sync’d” between my laptop’s hard drive and the server.  Thing is, how often do I really haul my laptop around to show people pictures (unless it’s a special event)?  And secondly, it seems like it would be a lot easier to work on editing pictures when you have them stored locally, versus on a network.

So I trashed the database that my computer had built of the pictures, I did a total reinstall of F-Spot, and I’m starting over with a local storage directory on my desktop machine that will be backed up nightly to the server.  Seems like that fits in a little better with the current state of affairs.

I also overslept this morning and need to start getting ready for work soon, I’ll have to catch you up on the rest of my weekend later on.

Have a good Monday!

One thought on “A Little Do-Over”

  1. I went ahead and actually read this post just now (Monday afternoon). I don’t see how I can even expect myself to blog effectively that early in the morning. It’s obvious (from the typos that needed correcting) that I need at least an hour of consciousness and a couple cups of coffee before forming coherent sentences.

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