Weathered the Weather

The weekend didn’t quite turn out as we planned, thanks in part to Saturday’s snow storm.  We made it to Sunburst on Friday evening (a day early, as it turned out), and had a good time skiing for a few hours.  It’s not a bad little hill they’ve got up there, although we could tell on Friday that most of the snow was man-made.  Jason Hill said that he had a successful evening of remembering HOW to ski, too, so the trip served its purpose.  Now if only we can get enough people together to go up to Rib Mountain next month…

Saturday morning, we were greeted by a blanket of fresh snow that we hadn’t quite been expecting; I read the forecast the night before, and didn’t quite realize that the storm would be lasting through most of the day.  Consequently, Michelle and I had to cancel our plans to head up to Oshkosh for Dave’s birthday celebration.  Fortunately, he is going to be in town on Tuesday (actual day of birth), and we’re planning to meet up with him and his brother for dinner.

Michelle was tentatively planning to go in to work to make up a few hours that she missed earlier in the week because of a class, and I met up with some friends for the Lakefront Brewery tour.  A handful of new pictures in the Milwaukee gallery are from that excursion.  Later that night, Michelle and I stayed in and got a nice specialty pizza from Pizza Shuttle.

On Sunday, I was at Pulaski High School for a few hours for College Goal Sunday.  The event was a success, but it wasn’t the best-organized thing I’ve ever participated in.  I ended up spending about three and a half hours of my day there, where I was only productive for about 90 minutes or so.  I guess that’s one of the things you put up with when the whole thing is done on a volunteer basis…

Had to do some laundry to get ready for the work week; right now, I’m thinking of getting to bed by 10 so I can be good and rested when the alarm goes off at 5:15.  These weekends sure cruise by in a hurry.

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