It's All On the Googles, Man.

I should know better by now: every idea or thought worth having has probably been had already, and indexed by Google.

I have periodically ruminated at my desk in the afternoons, “Hmm, it sure would be nice to scrobble my Pandora listening to,” but I never bothered to do anything about it.  One quick G-search for “scrobble pandora list to” turned up this post about one’s options for marrying the two services.  Who knew?  Apparently, this Ted chap in Columbus did, and almost two years ago at that, but hey… *shrug*

I am trying out the OpenPandora app on my computer @ work (seein as it runs Windows), but will probably give a shot to PandoraFM at home on Ubuntu. **Some edits: well, I guess info on the Internet gets old, too.  Seems that I got a little excited too quickly on this one; can’t get OpenPandora OR PandoraFM to scrobble a frakkin thing.  I found some other leads, though, including a Firefox extension that I’ll try out.  Will update as appropriate. Might be an interesting way for people who don’t have a huge music collection or minute-to-minute access to it to start scrobbling

Carry on, my wayward son; have a good weekend.

One thought on “It's All On the Googles, Man.”

  1. I would prefer to not sell my soul to google, but come on, look how great it is…what other search engine would’ve found that?!

    Dear lord, I need to ween myself off….

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