Stick to That Schedule

My hour-to-hour scheduling has been going OK, but the weekends are still a mess (my fault), and I have missed days here and there with getting enough writing accomplished.

You may wonder how this factors in with a new blog I started reading this week– it’s called Digital Photography School, and my friends at Lifehacker clued me into it.  I picked up that new camera at the end of January, and I’ve taken it out a few times to shoot, but I would like to get better, and in order to do that, I need to shoot a lot more.  I would also probably benefit from some reading on photography in general, and without going out and buying a new book, I figure the Internet is a good place to gather up some tips.  Or I could try a library.  They still have those, right?  Do they still offer books for free?  AMAZING..!

Anyway, I should try to find a spot in the schedule to add shooting time in.  I could probably get by for the time being on an hour or two per week, so it shouldn’t be that tough.  Maybe add that in to give my weekends some structure…

Hope you’re either recovering from St. Patty’s Day, or laughing at those that are.

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