Bracket Kudos

Have to give props to whomever (I assume it would have been a Michigan resident) actually had Michigan State in the title game.  I mean, seriously?

It was just me against one of the kids who works in the office; we both filled ours out at the last minute, after the first games had tipped on 3/19, actually, and neither one of us were (a) huge fans, or (b) able to pick one than one of the Final Four successfully.  I needed UConn to get to the title game in order to win (he was 2 points ahead coming into this weekend).  It seemed like a lock.  And it SOOO just wasn’t.

Anyway, I’m sure that somewhere under the bridge there is a college basketball fan pumping his or her fist at the fantastically lucky turn of events.  I know that I did back in 2003, when I knew just as little (or maybe less) about college hoops and randomly selected a 3-seed and the 12th-ranked team in the country to win the whole thing.  And they did.  Luck could not possibly get dumber if you gave it an ice-cream-scoop lobotomy.

Have a delightful Monday…

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