A Small Rant That Won't Fit In a Tweet

Most universities these days OFFICIALLY communicate with students via email– that is to say, electronic communication is every bit as important as the very few items you might get by post.  Oshkosh went as far as to collect signatures from students on a form that said, “yes, I understand how to check my email and that I have to read it.”  Milwaukee does not do that, but it doesn’t change the fact that most departments do not send out mail.

The most common grumpy comment from a student on that front?  “Oh, I don’t check that address; I just have [insert popular webmail app here].”  That is all well and good, because forwarding your campus mail to another address is dead frakking simple, takes 2 minutes, and you NEVER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT IT AGAIN.  I cannot understand why this is such a huge hurdle for people.  What is it that makes them not do it?  Laziness?  Ignorance?  What?

Sometimes I want to slap people.

2 thoughts on “A Small Rant That Won't Fit In a Tweet”

  1. I get that from people all the time…dumbasses! Or the ones that only use their work email address, so every time they switch jobs they get a new email. Get a (insert popular webmail app here) dipwad!

  2. Laziness? Ignorance?

    Nope. Spam from the school. I stopped checking my university e-mail account after it became littered with useless messages from every special interest group on campus.

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