Once Again, Without Emotion:

Contributing colleague David U. Schrubbe sends in a link today to a story posted by MSNBC about the work being done on “a package of software and hardware” (read: SkyNet) that will serve as an “ethical governor” for robotic war machines in the field.  The assumption here is that with adequate programming, we will be able to relinquish human control  and LET THE ROBOTS DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES WHOM TO KILL.  For once, I am NOT exaggerating on this point.

The arrogance is staggering, to assume that we will still ultimately be able to control machines to which we grant greater and greater autonomy and logic-processing.

Meanwhile, enjoy this musical interlude, certain to become the Robot Nation’s anthem:

5 thoughts on “Once Again, Without Emotion:”

    1. Yeah, I dunno. You’re the only one who has mentioned something about it, but I remembered to try it out at work today, and it seems like nothing that used Flash or Java on this page loads in Internet Explorer.


      I’ll look around for a fix, but not sure when I’ll find anything…

      1. I…think…we’re okay now. Hard to tell with the newest “post” up ahead of it now. So I like my hardware and software out of the box without having to dick with it to make it work, is that so wrong?

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