An Apparent Fact About Repetition

I like to “treat myself” to an 80s internet radio station at work on Fridays.  I know that if I listened more often than that, I would get sick of the songs within a week or two at the most and then I’d have to find something else.

But there’s something else I’ve noticed about a healthier dose of musical repetition: seems that if you hear a song *just* enough– enough to know it very well, maybe you’ve committed most or all of the lyrics to memory, even if it’s not a good song, you’re going to come to enjoy it.  I think this is why I have such an affinity for the 80s music.  Even though a lot of Billboard’s biggest hits are not what I would ordinarily think of as “good songs,” I’ve listened to them so often they are virtually automatic earworms.

I was just singing along to “Seasons Change” by Expose a minute ago.  What the hell else could that be all about?

Anyway, enjoy your Friday, and if you get random 80s lyrics texted to you by me on ANY Friday– you now know what it’s all about.

One thought on “An Apparent Fact About Repetition”

  1. Would you say then that said affinity is due to growing up during the decade, or hosting a radio show based on the music for 3-4 years?

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